Who is Melissa?

Melissa Sulkowski is a Relationship Specialist, as well as a Professional Mediator, who has been guiding individuals, families, and interdisciplinary teams since 1994. She is Board Certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors and licensed in Pennsylvania as a Registered Nurse and Professional Counselor. Her interest is to provide virtual consultation and training to families and businesses.



Coaching can be offered in a variety of situations. It is a collaboration between the Coach and client focused on present circumstances. It is intended to be a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals to maximize personal and professional potential.

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Mediation is a voluntary, flexible and confidential way for people to resolve disputes. A neutral mediator, who is trained to facilitate communication, can assist a couple in developing and formalizing agreements. The mediator doesn’t decide who is right or wrong.

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Professional Development


Webinars and training are integral for career growth and staying competitive in today’s dynamic professional landscape, offering opportunities to learn, connect, and evolve in a flexible and accessible manner. Individuals stay current in their field, adapt to industry trends, and ultimately advance their careers.

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Consulting for professional development can be highly beneficial for individuals seeking career growth, as well as for businesses aiming to improve their employees’ performance and productivity. It provides access to expert guidance and a structured approach to achieving professional goals.

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